About Us

iGreens is a Design and Innovation Consultancy specializing in green spaces and recreational facilities. Companies, foundations or entities, both domestic and international, confide in us to generate innovative projects or products to offer to their customers.¿Do you know our REVITALISING METHODOLOGY?


We work in cooperation with other companies to create business, contributing our innovative designs.

Our raw material is the capacity to imagine, to create and to innovate.

  • We are a team of architects and other professionals with extensive experience.
  • We offer our personalized services to companies, institutions and organizations which want to create new business opportunities through our innovative proposals with regard to participation and communication.. 
  • We are committed to innovation, renewal and enhancement of the environment as a vital necessity of our surroundings.
  • We introduce new concepts of environmental aesthetics.

We offer innovative, practical and sustainable solutions that integrate the economic, social and environmental spheres. 

We design green spaces that are suggestive and stimulating to the senses.

  • Spaces that incorporate ludic activity and imagination to foster psychomotor abilities.
  • In our designs, sustainability is present both in the materials used and in energy-efficiency solutions. Water conservation and financial savings occupy a predominant place. 
  • We give the utmost importance to communication and the use of new technologies for the creation of new products that reinforce our clients' brands and cultural identity, thanks to the technical and intellectual quality of our proposals.